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Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Please see the current opportunities below. If you would like to apply for one of the positions, please contact us at

All applicants should have a good overview & understanding of human trafficking & FWCAT’s mission & values.  Positions require a minimum of one year commitment. 


1. Education Presenter- hours vary
Job Description: The Education Presenter uses a participatory curriculum provided FWCAT to help middle school and high school students among other groups, understand the dangers of human trafficking and gives them tools to stay safe.  Once a presenter has gone through training and a reviewed by FWCAT leaders, they will have the opportunity to sign up for presenting opportunities. The dates and times will vary depending on the group that is requesting a speaker. The complete training is normally given over two or three days in one hour segments.

Note: All presenters must attend an official training prior to presenting in front of a group. Background check required.

2. Website Manager – 4-5 hours per week

Job Description:                                                                                                                                                   

Keeps website up to date

Adds content/events & articles

Continuously refines and improves website

Keeps up to date with current events related to human trafficking on a local and global level

Continuously updates website with current information consistent with FWCAT’s mission & values

Develops new content & ideas to improve user experience

Maintains authorization access to website


3.  Funding Coordinator – 4-5 hours per week

Job Description:   

Works with the Core Team to develop a 1-2-year funding strategy
Fundraising, grant-writing, foundation outreach
Executes funding plan through working with volunteers as needed


4. Event Coordinator – 4-5 hours per week

Job Description:   

Works closely with core team & funding coordinator to plan & execute quarterly & yearly events including January forum & annual 5K (approved by Core Team)

Works with Core Team as needed to plan & execute all event-related CAT Action Plans
Coordinates all the details required to ensure all events runs smoothly & successfully


5. Graphic Design Coordinator – 4-5 hours per week

Job Description:   

Designs & revises a wide range of pieces in various media – print and web

Develops new, unique, eye catching ways to visually communicate our brand message to the community

Creates graphic design layout for brochures, posters, annual reports, etc.

Manage and evaluate the design, development and coordination of projects using FWCAT forms

6. Kiosk Manager Position-5 hours per week

Job Description:

Help recruit volunteers

Staff kiosk ( goal=minimum of 10 hours a week)

Fill in to reach weekly goals

Train volunteers

Help write training materials and volunteer expectations

Help design monthly “community information" signs

Keep kiosk printed materials stocked

Maintain clean organized unit

Implement creative changes in displays

Communicate and build relationships with Mall management

Track and compile weekly/ monthly numbers of contacts, trends, comments etc...

Meet regularly with Pam/ Brenda? to share results and contact info re: people interested in volunteering and/or getting newsletters etc...

Share at monthly meetings


7. Kiosk Volunteer – 2 hours per week

Job Description:

Must be dependable in working your weekly shifts regularly.

Fill out tracking sheets consistently and accurately.

 Act, dress, and speak professionally

Utilize display materials during shift.

Help maintain, clean, and organize kiosk

Be familiar with informational materials

Contact kiosk manager with any questions, concerns, or ideas!

Additional training-Work at least 1 shift with kiosk manager


8. Community/Business Relations Liaison-2-4 hours per week

Job Description: 

Representative for FWCAT on various boards and task forces, including: City Vision Board, King County CSEC Task Force.  Provide assistance to the core team to recruit members, develop and distribute agendas to community, and monitor FWCAT activities, to tie in with community needs and responses.

Assist team in updating Business Plan

Participate in training programs, professional development workshops and conferences

Conduct surveys relevant to the organization as needed/assist in data collection


9. FWPD/City Government Liaison-2-4 hours per week

Job Description:

lnitiate contact with and engage quarterly with Federal Way Police Department

Meet with elected and appointed governmental and agency leaders to identify and

engage key individuals to participate with FWCAT and develop strategies to combat sex trafficking in FW

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